Kristen’s Gurus

This is a page dedicated to the creatures we’ve come close to along our way south.  I mean primarily the animals, and I call it “Kristen’s Gurus” because animals are indeed spiritual guides for me.  They have so much to teach us humans about communion with the natural world around us (if we choose to listen).



A baby Great Egret running from my bike at Fort Taylor!

Sammy- a Key West dog who grew up on boats that we dog-sat for a few days.


One of Key West’s cocks outside the library (who actually begged like a dog for crackers!)

Portuguese Man-O-War jellyfish just off the port bow!  There was an army of these one morning (Rob says “armada”) and a poor German woman had to be warned by Rob to avoid them as she swam back to her boat!  (At first I thought they were plastic bags!)

A creepy Man-O-War close-up about 3 feet from our deck!  Yikes!

A cute Key West pigeon  eating rice cracker pieces from my hands!  Sunset at Market Square…

Okay these piggy-back style pigeons are going a little too crazy for just some rice cracker crumbs on Rob’s hand!

This is a really beautiful gray stray or pet cat I saw wandering the streets of Key West — only problem here is this kitty was playing with a bitty lizard, letting it go and catching it a few times while purring at me.  Then, she gave me these sweet eyes before chomping down and eating the entire lizard!  After her snack, she proceeded to proudly rub me and purr some more.

Although the lizard-eating wonder cat was exciting, I think I’d rather see the stray/pet kitties sleeping peacefully in the roots of a banyan tree!

A pretty black cormorant drying out his wings by a south Miami park…

Some how the Portuguese Man ‘O War jellyfish is much less scary when dead on the rocks and looking like a dirty water balloon.

The spoiled kitty named Ninja that lived with Mesa in Miami.  One night he escaped the house and me, Rob, and another guy Joe ran after him through all the neighbor’s yards!  (He came back the next day…)

The poor fish Rob caught while in Vero Beach 😦 – their mouths all frozen in silent screams!  Ohhh I was sad!

This is actually one dolphin!  (Just kidding, it is probably three, as there were around a dozen of them swimming all around us at some point in Florida…)

This sign gave me false hope throughout the north and central parts of the state of Florida that I would actually see manatees.  I was constantly singing John Lithigow’s song “I’m a Manatee” to Rob, in hope that they would appear.  (At least the pelicans didn’t fail me!)


Pelicans rock.  They are so incredible, and even more so when they chase our boat through fog thinking we have fish!  Yay!


Daisy, the meek little chihuahua that eventually became friendly enough to lick my fingers and let me sniff and snuggle her.


One member of the first pod of dolphins that swam around our boat just south of Beaufort, NC!

Another pod of dolphins surrounded us just above the South Carolina border!  More and more dolphins took to swimming between our hulls and right beside our boat as we traveled through South Carolina and beyond!  So amazing!  They fill my heart with joy whenever I see them, and remind me to stay playful.


U-Turn: the dog owned by the man who operates the northern lock of the Dismal Swamp Canal.  I like to think of him as the real gate-keeper of the Dismal Swamp Canal.  A total sweety!


A poor unsuspecting Blue Fish Rob managed to catch offshore New Jersey, but it was too big to consider slicing and dicing.  I was very happy that we let this beauty go free.



  1. Funny, I was just getting curious about the kinds of animals along the way and TA DA, pictures!! I love the captions, comments!!
    Love Terryxoxoxoxox

  2. Serenity, your old boat, had a pod of dolphins playing around when I was crossing the Georges bank half way to Yarmouth…………

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