This is a blog about a trimaran named No Smoking.  She was built in 1962, designed by Arthur Piver, in England, and shipped to America.  The first owner just didn’t want smoking on her.  Her unique name has stayed for nearly 50 years so we decided we didn’t feel right changing it.  We believe no other boat in the world probably has this name, and we aim to sail the world over to find out!

Our first long journey as new owner of this beautiful creature will be from Block Island, RI, to the Bahamas.  This blog will cover that journey and more.

We hope you enjoy it!

Here’s a picture of Rob and I from our family wedding luncheon on October 3rd, 2010:

And here is a picture of the real captain of No Smoking, unfortunately not attending the preliminary winter sail from 2010-2011, but will be on board thereafter!  (this was actually taken on our first monohull sailboat, Serenity, back in 2009):

And here is the sister photo to the one which is the header of our website, both of them were taken by a new friend of ours Mami Taniguchi, who is pictured in Kris’ New York City photos!

Picture us — sailing away!



  1. Great picture of you and Rob! …and No Smoking! I love the idea of your updates! I’ll look forward to them with excitement. What an adventure for the two of you. An adventure that WE can share from the comfort of our own little “cozy cottage!” Thanks for the opportunity! Terry kept me informed of your wedding reception plans. The whole thing sounded WONDERFUL! I’d love to see more pictures. Wishing you and Rob a safe and memorable journey and sending our love…Sharon & JP Lietar

  2. You guys are too much, Dad gave me the blog site and I have been watching your progress for two day. Elisabeth City is a great place hope you enjoy you time there. Wish you had done the Chesapeake Bay would have been more than happy to put you up in our Marina, but I understand your need to get to warm weather. Days have been in the mid 60’s but nights are in the 30’s and I can only assume there is no central heat on No Smoking 🙂 Make a not of our web site http://www.cbmm.org and my cell phone number 401-447-6240 (yes it is still a rhode island number) been here going on 4 years and still keep the same number. Heck everyone knows it and I don’t see a need to change now. I am looking forward to following your blog and your progress on spot.
    Well enjoy the sail and I am very envious to say the least.
    Congradulations and enjoy your honey moon.
    Bill & Terri Gilmore
    Ridgely, Maryland

  3. Kris and Rob – great to hear that you had a good Christmas and that it was good things that kept you in Vero Beach – was a little worried there that you might be having some problem when you were stopped for so long.

    Our Christmas was very quiet, just Richard, Daisy and me and Daisy was the only one who received presents.

    We are driving to Florida on Saturday, will be in Ormand Beach Sat. night, Miami on the ship on Sunday and Key West on Monday. It will be warmer on the weekend but still not what we are used to.

    Best to both of you and a number of people here on Dataw enjoy watching you journey.

  4. Hey,

    You people are Fuck’n Crazy!! Who lives like this??? Free like Birds…ahh
    It was real a pleasure to hang on “No Smoking”, she is a beautiful boat and fits you well.
    Thanks for staying connected throughout your travels.
    WE LOVE YOU 2,

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