Posted by: nosmokingsails | March 24, 2011

About to Leave Key West

Our (hopefully) last day in Key West is here!  Rob is busy fixing up the boat to be ready for our tomorrow departure while I am doing some work in the library and giving you one last update before we sail offshore for a while…


I just finished a mural at the new second shop for Eaton Bikes, where Rob worked as the head bike mechanic.  Here’s a couple shots of it:

You can see more of the mural on my personal website:


And now for more of Key West:

Bo’s Seafood Shack: how I wish more restaurants were made of trash!  So cool!

A really cool porch with orange curtains!

Definitely one of my favorite cemeteries…so peaceful and a nice place to run in solitude.

My favorite place to eat in Key West – all organic, and some amazing raw foods that I will miss badly when we leave!

(Speaking of food:)

A creative way I decided to eat Spirulina!  While working with the stray dogs in South India, my dear friend Ann taught me how to mix the deep green powder with curd (yogurt) in order to feed the puppies some intense vitamins.  (They were probably cuter than me with green all over their mouths after eating this!)

A pretty guest house called “The Banyan” on Whitehead Street.

A dog street performer who took dollar bills from people into his mouth and then placed them all in this bucket!  This seriously seemed to be the best way to make money in Key West!  The dog’s owner just strummed his guitar and didn’t really have to be impressive at all because people LOVED to give this dog dollars!

A really cute basset hound that another performer used to do tricks.  The hound liked to bark for a while and be told to do something many times before he ever did it, though!

The basset hound’s owner juggling fire way above our heads!

Fort Zachary Taylor and the greenish moat surrounding it.  I saw two baby loggerhead turtles swimming but they hid from me before I could get out my camera!  They were so beautiful, though.

A sign post by the beach at Fort Taylor.  This was my favorite beach in Key West, though I never actually swam here – just swam off our boat!

Some cool art along the bike path at Fort Taylor.

A pretty turtle art bike on showcase during the art bike auction at TSKW (The Studios of Key West).  Many other bikes were really beautiful and intricately painted, like the Beatles bike, but my phone couldn’t get great shots of any of them really!

A typical Key West sunset from the deck of our boat…

One of our favorite ships in Key West, the Jolly Rover, with red sails we plan to have one day!

Okay – that’s all I can do before we leave, wish us luck as we sail up the gulf stream to somewhere south of Cape Hatteras in (hopefully) one sail!  Rob’s friend Dan is with us to make things easier and split the watch shifts up a bit more.  We plan to duck into the ICW if we do hit some weather, though, and will be safe!

We plan to stop briefly in Norfolk, VA, before going offshore again to RI, so I may or may not be able to post then.

Much love to everyone…and we will see family and friends very soon!







  1. Don’t forget it things look rough when you are in Norfolk you can always come up the bay and spend a night at the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum Marina. Just drop my name with the dock master or call me on the cell phone 401-447-6240. I can assure you that the place is open and the showers have hot water. Other than that if you like old wooden boats we have many to choose from.
    Enjoy, be safe, and best wishes for a safe journey
    Bill Gilmore
    Vice President Operations
    Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum

  2. hi kris & rob: nice you are leaving for home.i hope your journey back will be a nice calm, enjoyable and safe will no doubt reach home before me. i’m going to texas for 5 weeks from apr. 1st to may 4th. we’ll both be home to enjoy mother’s day with the rest of the family. i’ve put all (i think) the pics you’ve sent in a special folder,107 of them, and every now and then i look at them and try to visualize them through your eyes. what a beautiful trip this has been for you and your rob.i’m looking forward to seeing you. have a careful safe trip home. love you. grandma.

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