Posted by: nosmokingsails | January 29, 2011

ICW to Biscayne Bay

Here are some photos (finally) of the ICW south of Vero Beach:

The blue-green waters along the boat…I spend hours on deck leaning between our hulls…just looking.

A cutie little Saloon where you can just tie up and eat! (There were a lot of restaurants along the southern Florida ICW where you can tie up…though we were too busy motoring south to bother!)

Okay, maybe this house made me a TINY bit envious of those people who can afford such luxuries…(though the ICW is a bit crowded down here, and when we do have a house, all the animals I want to adopt will need LAND for running!)

Downtown Miami.  A lot of tall gray things and many boats in the ICW here – it gets prettier as we motor down Biscayne Bay, to the Coconut Grove area where Mesa lives…

In Biscayne Bay, we spent one afternoon sailing with two guys we met through Mesa, Joe and Tyler.  I was so excited when the boys put up my favorite red spinnaker sail to head back to Miami!

As the sun set, we sailed onwards to anchor back in our spot north of Dinner Key in the darkness.

One day Mesa took me walking in the park south of Coconut Grove, where there were both alligators and crocodiles (though we saw neither).  Crocodiles live in the salt water and they do attack people at times, so we had to be careful!  Alligators only go after dogs and children, however.

These clusters of mangroves on a beach looked as if they could get up and walk around on their little legs at any time!  Ah!

During my walk/run through the mangroves, I spotted this little bird amongst the muddy roots.

When we did leave Miami, it was the morning after January 19th’s full moon.  Here’s my last shot of south Miami and the setting Moon:

Rob was sleeping as I pulled up the anchor at dawn and motored us south across Biscayne Bay – here’s my view of the sunrise:



  1. More beautiful photos! I love the moon shot, too. I think there was a movie called Moon over Miami.

    Love, mom

    • I am responding to my own comment here…just in case anyone saw this, there was a movie by that title, but it was way, way before I was even born!
      I must have been thinking of the very short-lived tv series by that same title, back in 1993. Dad is always commenting on my “good memory”. 🙂 mom

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