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When I saw my first Florida Banyan tree, I really freaked out.  I’ve loved these trees since my first trip to India in 1999.  I even have a tattoo of one on my lower back.  I walked between the trunks of the second largest banyan tree in the world during that first India trip.  It was located down the street from the famous “City of Joy” in Calcutta.  It had over 1000 aerial roots digging themselves back into the dirt from the branches.  The central trunk had been cut out of the tree years before, but it still grew healthy and wild.  Banyans represent the tree of life for me more than any other tree because their branches just hang down and go back into the Earth and join the roots.  A true circle.

Little did I know, Florida has banyans, too!

This was the first banyan tree I saw from our deck as we motored towards Miami on the ICW:

And then when Mesa and I drove to the park, there was one street lined with banyan trees that reminded me of some of the streets in India.  I felt so at home beneath those trees!

A close-up of one roadside banyan…

A wider shot of the same tree – but here you can see the tiny road off to the left and on the right that glowing light looks like a doorway to fairie lands to me!

Down in Islamorda, on Upper Matecumbe Key, I found another banyan by the side of the road:

Light just seems to play when I find banyans…like real magic.  I’ll be out searching for more of them as we head farther south…



  1. hi kris & rob: the banyan trees are something to look at. i saw a huge one on the west coast of fla. many years ago. i’ve put all the pics you have sent in a special folder and now have 85 pics in there.just think what exciting stories you can tell your children and grandchildren some day.willow is doing fine up here.i know your voyage can be stressful at times, but i also know you are enjoying it. just be’ve been on the high seas now for almost 3 months, it will soon be time for you to head back home if you plan on being at block island for may. bye bye my love to you and rob.

  2. Nice photos Kris!
    Banyan trees….we saw a huge one in Hawaii 10 years ago. I have a photo of dad standing beneath a banyan tree in Lahaina, Maui, that was nearly one acre in size.

    Love, mom

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