Posted by: nosmokingsails | January 14, 2011

Delray Heroes

On the 6th of January, we were busy motoring through bridge after bridge after leaving Vero Beach and then West Palm Beach behind us.  Just after going through Delray Beach we suddenly had a problem with our engine!  Rob turned on the dingy engine and tied it up close to the boat so our dingy kept us moving slowly forwards while I steered and Rob went into the engine compartment to investigate.

It was our propeller.  We had to anchor at mile 1042, inside this tiny mam-made lake.  Within 10 or 20 minutes of our anchoring we got hit with a huge 10 minute lightning and rain and thunder storm!  Luckily, when the anchor dragged, Rob let out more line and we got within 20 feet of a dock filled with motorboats but we didn’t drag further!  It was scary!  If the anchor didn’t grab on somehow, we totally would have been smashed against the docks in the 50-60 mile an hour winds!

We ended up calling up Marina Delray and these two amazing guys there were able to find us a new propeller within 24 hours and one of them actually drove over to our lake and gave it to Rob the very next day!  Their names were  Humberto and Patrick,  our own Delray Heroes!

We were able to make it to Ft. Lauderdale on the 7th, and as we were motoring into town looking for a place to anchor, our friend Mike from another boat, “Bay Tripper”, came up beside us and led us to the sweet little Lake Sylvia where he and his wife and their infant baby were already anchored!  It was so nice to be there for a couple days, get some groceries, and spend time with the “Bay Tripper” family.

On the 9th, we left Ft. Lauderdale and made it to Rob’s friend Mesa’s house in Coconut Grove, on the south side of Miami by Dinner Key.  And guess what?  Our third gated community! This is getting weird…but things do come in threes.

We have been in Miami for nearly a week now and plan to stay around til Tuesday or so, and then, although we originally planned to go to Bahamas from Key Largo – we are thinking of heading to Key West first instead.  It’s a bit easier to try and hit Bahamas on our way north anyhow, and later in spring.  And in Key West there may be some work we can do to help pay for those pesky repairs we’ve had to make on the boat.

Stay tuned for photos and other words…and sorry for the long gap in posts!



  1. hi kris and rob:i got your thank you e-mail for the xmas gift. you are more than welcome. i wish it were more.with all the repairs you’re having to make, you can certainly use it.i’m happy you have decided to stay around fla and not go to the bahamas at this time. it’s a wise decision. fla. is real nice in the’s also nice that you have met friends along the way and made new friends also. i hope you have good luck in finding a place to settle for a while with work to help pay the bills. as always my thoughts and prayers are with you. be careful, love and take care of each other,and be happy. love you grandma.

  2. KW is the place to go, especially going thru the everglades. enjoy your time in the sun while folks back home keep digging out from all that white stuff.

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