Posted by: nosmokingsails | December 28, 2010

Lazy Days in Vero

Vero Beach.

We came to Florida with words written by our previous trimaran’s owner, John, claiming that we should anchor near G 91 marker of the ICW outside Wabasso and take the “Jungle Trail” to the beach.  Little did we know, the “Jungle Trail” was a sand road, lined with fancy homes, golf courses, gated communities, and wildlife preserves.

We ended up anchoring more so between R 100 and R102, where two small mangrove and pine islands blocked our boat from view of the docks and homes along the edges of the land.  We found a really private little place, on Christmas Day, and spent that day alone with me reading Christmas stories aloud to Rob and watching some of our favorite Christmas movies.

Side Note:  We are IN LOVE with this season’s Family Guy Christmas episode called “The Road to the North Pole”.  Please go to Hulu. com, whether you are deaf or hearing, and watch this episode!!!!  Look up Family Guy and this episode is the latest! (It has a variety of subtitles available for the deaf!)  It is a bit morbid and the sense of humor takes some acclimatization, but it’s amazing and beautiful and we adore it.

Before I get ahead of myself, (which yes, I already have), we spent a few days in Titusville, FL.  We visited the Titusville Municipal Marina, which was so friendly and sweet.  We really enjoyed making friends there and connecting with some fellow snow birds from the north.  We also were able to meet up with my friend Heera, whom I had only known for a few weeks that I spent in Kalimpong, North India, back in 2005.  It was incredible to see her after so long and exchange stories of her time in America going to grad school and my life since I saw her.  We also met a wonderful woman, Shell, who was our waitress at a special restaurant called  Klober’s Cobbler Eatery.  She used to work at a hostel, so she was able to smell travelers from across the room.  And she ended up inviting us into her home and letting us take showers!  (Tho she wasn’t slow to reward the man from the Marina who told us to go to her restaurant with a free dinner there).

We have been anchored in the same place in Wabasso/Vero Beach area since Christmas because we spent a couple days with one of our favorite cousin’s of Rob’s, Billy, and his son Kashi and wife Amy, where they lounged on our boat with us, played uno, and watched dolphins.  They also drove us to get supplies like our new winch from West Marine!  We still need the hardware to install but now we also have a generator.  (Though we still need a part to make it charge our batteries….ridiculous how these thing are – each new tool or appliance requires parts we didn’t expect and more trips to hardware stores are required…it is great we have friends!).

Now we are spending time once again with our New York City buddies, Dave and Mami.  Dave’s mother happened to live, not in the center of Vero Beach, where we assumed we would be sailing today.  But she lives right off Jungle Trail Road!  They are actually .6 nautical miles north of our current location!  Crazy!  So we don’t have to move at all, not for a week or so, since we planned to spend time with Dave and Mami while they are here.  Tonight, in fact, we might just be lounging in a jacuzzi.  And tomorrow, a nice holiday party for the members of Dave’s mother’s very own gated community!  (Why are we like magnetically drawn to gated communities?!  This is strange to us, but like any new path or a new river we happen to be motoring down – we have learned to truly “go with the flow”….)



  1. Hi Kris & Rob:it’s so nice hearing from you again. Your e-mails are so very interesting.You make Fla. sound so beautiful. I’ve been there a few times in years long gone by, but in Orlando & Sorrento & St. Petersburg. I don’t know why you are going on to the Bahamas when it sounds so beautiful right where you are.I received your card, hope you received my Xmas card. We missed you especially Xmas Day. The spring, when you will return, seems so far away. I hope it’s nice and warm there. Up here we just had a blizzard, and it’s old and windy. I’d love to be in Fla. right now.IF ONLY i WERE YOUNGER! Bye bye, Sweetie, I love and miss you. You and Rob enjoy yourselves and take good care of each other.Grandma

  2. Hey, “No Smoking” this is “Bay Tripper” give us a shout or shoot us an e-mail when you get a chance since we did not get your e-mail. We are heading into Miami today and were hoping to meet up again. ‘Till then safe travels.

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