Posted by: nosmokingsails | November 16, 2010

Cape May and the New Jersey Shore

We finally left the marina in Jersey City, NJ, at 7:30am on Saturday, November 13th, a little sad to go but anxious to get to warmer weather!

Sailing the New Jersey shore: we had beautiful weather, though very light winds during our longest sail thus far (time-wise) — 32 hours straight.  We were forced to anchor in the marshes across from Atlantic City because of the weather and wind changing.

The passage into the open ocean past Sandy Hook, however, was not without some issues:

Kris:  “Aren’t you going to eat your oatmeal?”

Rob: “After I get us past the 10 foot breaking waves!!”

Kris looked up and finally noticed what they were sailing through while she was peacefully making their special garlic and veggie oatmeal down below.  Funny!  And actually, the waves were really not that bad and our trusty little tri got over them very easily!

Kris then ended up taking her longest shift thus far as captain of the vessel, 12 hours, from about 1pm until 1am.  This was a truly deep experience for her, much deeper than the sound of Madonna and Counting Crows blasting through her headphones as she steered the boat under the glow of a quarter moon and a million stars.

In Atlantic City, Kris got a bit anxious to get further because she was starting to come down with a cold and the wind today was supposed to be coming from the east, which is a bad wind to sail along the Jersey shore with.  She was afraid they would be trapped in Atlantic City (or was it Dubai?) for many days and just wanted to get to Cape May.

Rob gave her command of the ship again and she made the decision to leave Atlantic City as soon as the fog lifted around their boat about 12:30pm on Monday the 15th.  Kris stupidly hadn’t realized that the fog did not lift over the ocean.  So – they ended up sailing through fog for a while, with Rob at the bow of the boat in his red foul weather gear blasting a horn every now and then and Kris with her hands on the wheel and constant eye on the GPS and the charts spread out before her.

What resulted was one of the most amazing sailing experiences of their life together thus far.

(One view of the ocean as the fog was beginning to clear up, or seemed like it…)

They really worked together without much bickering (possibly none?!) for the entire 10 hours or so that it took them to sail through fog until dark, when the fog did finally lift and the glittering shore of New Jersey shone off the starboard bow for the remainder of the trip.  They both had fun spotting clusters of tug boats in the distance towing barges via their glowing white and red lights.

And Cape May was really all they had hoped it would be.  Easy to navigate at night, as the channel going in by the giant coast guard station had two tall towers on either side with glowing red lights.  Everything went smoothly and they grabbed a mooring just past the coast guard house, safely within the inlet.

Today Kris has been wandering around this cute little town, searching for the elusive power outlet so she can work and charge her computer.

Here is one reason why Kris loved Cape May:

And here is another:

And another (loved seeing more Autumn foliage here, and with pumpkins and black fences!):

And one reason my mom is DYING to come here (not specifically this house but apparently Cape May has the most Victorian houses of the country outside San Francisco):

Okay, one last shot of the vacant beach, sooo nice:

Um, I also did not mean to write most of this in third person!  I think the novel I am working on this month, for novel writing month, is influencing me here!

Much love to everyone reading, though, and don’t worry – I won’t be deciding to sail through fog anymore!  I learned so incredibly much yesterday though!



  1. You go girl!!! Or should I say Captain Kris. FWCS Art

  2. Wow! Fabulous. Say hi to Cape May for me – that’s where I went to the beach when I was growing up. Stay well!

  3. Kristen – really enjoying your comments and your pictures! Love, Beryl

  4. I am really enjoying your travel stories and the beautiful photo’s
    Love Terry

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