Posted by: nosmokingsails | November 7, 2010

New York Pictures by Kris

Here are some of my NYC impressions:

The Queensboro bridge was really what began my new appreciation for bridges.  When you sail under them and truly see the way they dig themselves into the water and allow so much to travel over them—it’s breathtaking.

It was the most incredible experience to sail to New York.  Seeing the city beside the white sails of my home.  Bringing my home to a city of such energy and culture.  I am starting to see that you don’t really know a place until you see it from all angles.  And seeing it from the WATER is like seeing its soul.

Any place with seals swimming in stone and autumn leaves is a place I want to go running!  (the Greenway paths along the East River of NYC)

The leaf-filled cracks of a painted labyrinth dedicated to trees, circles, and harmony.

LOVE the autumn trees of New York.

A lovely pumpkin from one of the Community Gardens.

And a lovely Japanese girl, Mami, one of our sweetest new friends.

Rob took this one of me.  I am thinking he was trying to make it look like I have fairie wings!  (But I’ve told him, my wings are invisible and no one is supposed to know about them!)

Does anyone who knows me think that I can actually walk past a Mother Earth mural without taking a picture?

A really cool metal sculpture in Brooklyn.

Rob tried to tell me the other day that one of my animal totems was a squirrel.  I completely denied it (obviously, who in their right mind would want to be a squirrel!?), but IF I was connected to squirrels in some way, I think I’d like to be as bad ass as this one.  Speaking of squirrels, we saw a BLACK squirrel in a park off Avenue B today.  Seriously.  A BLACK squirrel.  It was almost as startling as if we had seen an alien!  Or a three-headed dog!  Wow.  New York is really filled with wonders.  It is almost like a circus.



  1. Yes! NYC was also the first place I ever saw a black squirrel! We also have them in northern ma, where I live, but maybe I had never noticed them before:)

  2. Hooray for black squirrels! I really appreciate being able to follow you through this blog.

  3. I have never seen a black squirrel, has Mami seen that gorgeous photo that you took of her? What an adventure!!! I would have never imagined your wings looking like that Kris!!!
    Love terry

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