Posted by: nosmokingsails | November 4, 2010

Bridgeport, CT, a quick stop…

Rob and I didn’t leave Guilford in the rain until 11am or so, and we rode 4-8 foot waves in 10-20 knot winds south-west until 5pm when we reached Bridgeport and were greeted by this lovely view:

We decided to not leave the boat tonight, since we plan to get a super early start tomorrow morning towards NYC!!!

Today was fun for me, I had to constantly keep my hands on the wheel to keep the boat in the right direction, and the waves were like a roller coaster ride, but the fact that we didn’t use our main sail at all and kept the engine running slightly helped make us feel safer and more stable!  I felt like  a weeble wobble toy!  We wobbled and wobbled until we anchored down…now back to reading, writing, and studying tide tables.




  1. Did you see the ferry in Bridgeport? I ride that to Long Island quite often. Last time I was leaving Port Jefferson I looked at all the sailboats and tried to imagine what yours is like.

    • Yes! That ferry shook out boat every single time it passed by! We definitely remember it!

  2. Hi Kris, I bet you are glad you didn’t stay long in Bridgeport. Good luck today @ Hell Gate Strait.

    Fair Winds! Love Art

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