Posted by: nosmokingsails | November 3, 2010

Our sail begins…

Okay, so we left Block Island on October 21st, sailed 18 miles to Point Judith and up into the pond to anchor down.  Engine troubles and fog kept us there much longer than we had hoped…though it was pretty special to leave on our journey south on the day I celebrate as New Year’s Day, November 1st.

Our first long sail of the trip was from Point Judith pond to East River in Guilford, CT.  This took 25 hours and was about 114 miles of sailing.  The overnight sailing was so hard for only two of us, taking shifts of 3-4 hours long, and I was definitely scared of the waves and movement of the boat in unknown waters in the dark.  I think it’s something I just need to get used to though.

Guilford is a pretty little town that reminds me of Wickford, RI.  I’d say more but I’m still pretty tired today, and have a lot of work to catch up on in the library…must go write and work until we walk back to the boat in the dark, eat good food, and sleep early to be ready to sail again tomorrow!




  1. bonne jornee, mes amies. I wish you all the best on your trip, may all adventures be wholesome in that they make good stories afterward, not tragic ones. I am secretly envious of you guys. greetings from distant Europe.

  2. Kristin! These are great pictures, and a great idea for memory keeping! I too love that little house! Thank you for sharing–keep it up!

    Happy adventures!
    Love Jeanette

  3. Nice pictures and blog…….. mom will
    love it too………… hope you sail today, since
    winds 9-14 in rain, but rain never hurt a

    love dad

    ps. watch out for Hell’s Gate

  4. Wishing you smooth sailing and much courage for all the adventures to come! Blessings.

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